For Bathroom Renovations, Hire the Pros at True North Contracting

Whether you’re moving into a new residence in White Bear Lake or you’ve been in the same spot for a while, chances are you’re ready for a bathroom remodel. That’s why you should get in touch with the professionals at True North Contracting LLC. We’re the bathroom installation and remodeling experts, offering:

  • Backsplash removal or installation
  • Floor removal or installation
  • Wall removal for more space
  • Installation of new toilets and other plumbing components
  • Expansion of a half-bath into a full
  • And more

Why Choose Us for a Bathroom Remodel?

Our crew has forty-plus years in the construction industry, and every bathroom remodel contractor we hire has a wealth of industry experience. We can install new backsplash to make your bathroom appear brighter and more welcoming. We can also remove stained or cracked tile floor and replace it with brand-new tile. We offer many colors and designs to match your existing décor.

What Else Can True North Contracting Do?

We can create a bathroom from scratch or convert a half-bath to a full. That change alone can increase your home’s eventual sale value by thousands of dollars. We can also expand your bathroom or add some closet or shelf space. If you want a larger and deeper depression behind the mirror for cosmetics and toiletries, True North can handle that for you as well.

There are no alterations or additions you’re likely to request that we haven’t done before, and we’re eager to renovate your bathrooms. Reach out to True North Construction if you’re ready for us to work on your bathroom remodel today.