Home Additions

True North Contracting LLC is the Home Addition Contractor You Need

In White Bear Lake, MN, homeowners frequently contact us about adding new rooms to an existing structure. If your house needs another room for any reason, speak to True North Contracting to get a quote from us today.

If you need a new room contractor, you won’t find a better one in the White Bear Lake area. We offer:

  • Consultations regarding new room additions to your home
  • Pricing that’s competitive and up-front
  • Fast construction so you don’t have long to wait for your new room
  • A professional work crew that will create your new room exactly as you specify  

Why Might You Want to Add a New Room to Your Home?

There are several possible reasons for wanting to add a new room to your home. It could be that the house you’re looking at is ideal, but you want it to have one additional bedroom for one of your kids. Or perhaps you might have resided in your current home for quite some time, but you’ve always wanted an additional bathroom on an upper floor. Whatever your intention for your house’s new room, we can install it for you quickly and professionally.

Why Choose True North Contracting?

True North Contracting should be your first choice for new room construction. That’s because our crew cares about doing the job the right way. We will always be considerate of your budget and work within it. We also won’t tack on additional costs at the end of the job like some other construction and remodeling companies do.

We’re a proud part of the White Bear Lake area and are excited by the prospect of helping add on the new room that makes your home feel complete. Reach out to True North today and learn why our forty-plus years of construction experience make all the difference.